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Triple Bean Spicy Vegan Chili

I knew I could make a fabulous vegan chili – I knew it and I finally did it! I don’t think I can ever order chili out again. Yes.. It’s just that good. I’m beginning to believe that one gets a bit of attitude after strolling along hoping to find vegan choices here and there. It’s almost as if all the retailer has to do is say the word vegan.. and we buy.. just because it’s vegan. Desperate for a hot soup and totally in the mood for chili, I seek and I ask.. finally finding a chili that’s vegetarian and hating to be a pain in the ass to inquire if it’s vegan. So I go for it! What’s the difference right? What could they possibly put in it at this point? Actually, God.. and the prep chef only know. After realizing on a flight to London, that there was milk in certain pop chips – it was all over for me. I despise milk. Lol. Sneaky culprit. Anyway, yes I ordered vegetarian chili in Woodstock the other day. I opened it up before I ran out hoping to grab a quick spoonful on my shopping spree when I realized it was topped with cheese and sour cream. Please could I have your tofu vegetarian chili veganized please pretty please. Why must I beg lol – it is a vegan friendly town! My mistake.. I know.. I should have asked! I left there and went straight to the health food store on a major “nothing stopping me” mission. I came home and made my own vicious triple bean spicy vegan chili far superior in heartiness and flavor than any chili I have ever had.. ever! Now there is no turning back. It destroys other chilis as far back as I can remember – vegan or not. I haven’t written in a while and I’m laughing at my own over confidence at the moment but I’m keeping it real. It’s good!  I’m open though if anyone wants to add to the recipe.



Ginger– just a little

Tomato sauce can (I used crushed)
Frozen non-GMO corn
Kidney beans large can
Black beans large can
Chick peas can
(Can crazy I know! Not my first choice but I’d rather eat beans from the can than not at all. They are high in nutrients & certainly, fiber. Feel free to soak dry beans overnight, drain and use them.)

Vegan burgers – I crushed them in but you can buy “crumbles” from a health store that carries meat alternative foods.

Chili powder

I know I have to be more exact with my measurements – sorry, I’m being a bit Italian at the moment.
Begin with a big soup pot, olive oil and a saute of the onions & garlic – always! Next I add the tomato sauce with about another 3/4 of that can in water. Use your judgement as you add the vegetables and beans. If you need to add water, do so and let it cook a little longer. Then came the beans and vegetable burgers. Next I added the other vegetables and then.. spice city! I may have even added hot sauce – I’m addicted! I let it cook for an hour or so.