"Reinventing Indulgence" One meal at a time!

Trust the process of life. 
I have heard this affirmation many times, practiced it and try to life by it. I’m not quite sure why then I have a weird relationship with food but I’m sure it goes way back and for no appartent reason really. By this point, being well into vegan eating at vegan and non vegan places- you would think a wedding would be a piece of cake really. Actually the cake is never vegan haha. Seriously though, weddings will generally accomodate right? Something in me didn’t really think twice about eating there today. It was really about my friend’s wedding and not me so who cares really if I eat. I actually eat too much anyway lol. I didn’t worry about or anticipate that I would be eating much even though my friend said there would be vegan options. I really should trust the process of life and my friends for that matter. 
I feel like I ate like a king. 
As a vegan I need to stop eating everything JUST BECAUSE ITS VEGAN haha. They had a whole table dedicated to vegetarian and mostly vegan food during the cocktail hour. The plates are small for a reason.. it’s pre-dinner. How I forget these things! I had two plates of wonderful yummy food: beautiful fruit- pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe and watermelon; and cut vegetables, hummus, crackers, olives, sundried tomatoes, peppers and other raw vegetables. Honestly, this was enough for me but of course they took care of me at dinner too. 
I had a delcious salad without the goat cheese and then a mixed vegetable plate. I think the reason I sometimes worry is because I’m not just vegan but “no white carbs” either- not a hard and fast rule but pretty strong on “no pasta, no white bread and no white rice”. Anyway I AM GOING TO TRUST for now on or at least try. The wedding was spectacular- so much love and energy in the room. It was a perfect evening! Thank you Nilsa & Debbie!
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[Friday, September 14th 2012 blog]

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