"Reinventing Indulgence" One meal at a time!

Quintessence is quickly becoming my favorite vegan restaurant. It is giving my other favorite, Cafe Blossom a run for it’s money- or shall I say my money. Yes, all these niche restaurants are not really cheap! lol 

If today is not your first time reading my blog than you already know that I am a PASTA LOVER- all things pasta– the more shapes, colors and textures than the more I will have to try it! The thing is though that I have given up all pasta products- it was my #1 BINGE FOOD! I don’t really care if it’s made from the healthiest flour in the world- it’s a GIANT NO! Only those in recovery programs would understand what I’m talking about! lol Anyway, I passed the threshold that if this “so called pasta” is indeed NOT MADE from a flour based ingredient and is indeed NOT really pasta as we know it today- then OK!!! This dish here is called pasta and ravioli but I assure you although it’s a million percent delicious and fulfilling for me- it’s not pasta as you know it! .. and hurray for that! 

Here is the exact info on my favorite dish at QUINTESSENCE: 
Ravioli Combo with Primavera Pasta – NEW! 

“A combination of two tasty fillings; sun-dried tomato basil and “cheese”, inside paper-thin turnips.Served with yellow squash pastatossed with fresh chopped tomato and onion. Top with your choice of rich tomato Napolitano or pesto sauce.” (Quintessence)

Next up- my second favorite dish: 

The All American Burger 

“Satisfy your burger craving with our new garden burger patty seasoned with smoky BBQ seasonings. Two burger patties sandwiched with shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, our home-made pickles, ketchup and mustard. Your choice of kamut or veggie bread. Served with corn chips.” (Quintessence)    

One of my best friends wanted to go to dinner tonight. She knows I am eating only raw vegan and feels out my desire and choices for a restaurant. She was unsure but curious especially for Quintessence which is becoming a regular spot for me. I PROMISED HER A FULL ON “MEAT” BURGER from anywhere in the East Village if she wasn’t completely satisfied. Not only did her carnivore-self LIKE everything we ate but she wouldn’t even let me order dessert because she was so full! 

I can’t forget about the new appetizer we tried today too!

Mock Tuna Salad on Romaine – NEW! 

“Two pieces of baby romaine leaves filled with our “back by popular demand” mock tuna salad.Topped with chopped tomato, cucumber, avocado and our new, improved mayo and home-made mustard sauce.”  (Quintessence)

I was hesitating to order this the last few times but it turns out that it was really good – I would definitely order it again!
Obviously, I eat here a lot – so it’s time for GROUPON. My friends sent me the info for this so I took advance of it! 

Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only. You should not use this to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider.
[Wednesday July 18th 2012 blog]

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