"Reinventing Indulgence" One meal at a time!

Some restaurants can just be considered New York staples… especially at 4:00 in the morning. Many people ask me for a good diner or restaurant at that after-club hour. The only one that I can think of that cares about the healthy vegetarians would be Yaffa Cafe. This is mostly because they have been serving brown rice and tofu as an option for as long as I can recall.
My friends wanted to do dinner tonight so I figured I would go easy on them since they already had come to one all-vegan place with me. They had asked me for a good after-hours place to eat before so I figured I would introduce them to Yaffa Cafe in the East Village (on St. Marks Place). Even Jersey girls should know about these options right? lol

The ambiance is retro, hipster and all-around East Village at its best. They have outside seating in the summer where we sat under big beautiful umbrellas until it started to rain a little too hard. Inside is where one can capture the ol’ skool feel of where the hippies met with the disco 70’s.. as if that would work.. it actually does!
I couldn’t enjoy the opportunity to eat regular vegan in this restaurant with a full intense menu since I am eating only RAW VEGAN this month. Surprisingly, they had an incredible avocado salad with a super-delicious carrot dressing. I felt like I had a deeply satisfying complete meal. I am starting to wonder now… could one live on avocados alone? Is avocado the new “meat”? I will address these at a later date for sure but the idea is seeping in now! Yaffa Cafe was a hit for everyone tonight! Afterwards, we traveled over to The Bean on what I often call vegan row. It is so delightful to see coffee shops and restaurants with GOOD VEGAN OPTIONS. When my raw month is complete, I will stop back at The Bean to indulge in some vegan dessert!
Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only. You should not use this to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider.
[Sunday July 15th 2012 blog]

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