"Reinventing Indulgence" One meal at a time!

Raw vegan dining- two days back to back!

This time it’s Quintessence– another restaurant which is mainly all about the raw vegan dining experience. Wait… they recently added a few non-raw items to the menu due to a shift in beliefs about including some cooked grains to ones diet. I wrote a little about it in an earlier blog during my first visit here. 

Since this is my raw vegan month and I’m loving every second of it- I will focus on the majority portion of the menu which is raw vegan. I love this place- hands down! I couldn’t resist a few items that I had ordered in the past like the ravioli appetizer and the burger entree. 

Luckily, my non-vegan friend ventured into something different… raw vegan INDIAN! She loved it.. yes I was shocked! lol More importantly, she even liked it as a non-vegan person of Indian decent! We had a blast tonight working our way through the extensive menu. Actually, for a raw restaurant, they have a pretty intense menu and very appealing to non-vegans as well. Let’s face it- not everyone is vegan lol- not even close although I DO WISH!

We shared the flavorful taco appetizer and the decadent looking ravioli! Both fabulous!
The burger entree, I have had before and honestly can’t resist. I think the bun is made from kamut. I will have to ask more questions next time I go back so that one day in the future I can make an attempt at recreating this perfection of a “raw” burger. 
After much contemplation, my friend went with the Indian dish. “It was insanely delicious and flavorful… and this coming from an Indian” she said! You will have to come in and ask them about the “ingredients & how to’s” – I am eating so much raw food lately that it’s getting confusing. It does come down to a creative mix of soaking and dehydration though– I am so loving this!!! 

The last time I was here I confessed I should have ordered the dessert sampler so that was easy! The sampler this time included a tiramisu, pecan pie and coconut cream pie. It was a tie between the pecan and coconut cream although the tiramisu was decadent as well! 

Now my other friends want to check this place out so I’ll be back next week for sure. I think this is becoming my #1 favorite!

Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only. You should not use this to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider.
[Wednesday July 11th 2012 blog]

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