"Reinventing Indulgence" One meal at a time!

Pure Food and Wine
This is my second visit to Pure Food and Wine- the first time for this blog and certainly not the last. This is a wonderful restaurant and well worth the experience for any open minded person who is ready to try something new and different. It’s raw.. organic.. and vegan. Pure Food and Wine is also the only upscale exclusively raw restaurant in New York City. 


As many other dining experiences, I go with my non-vegan friends. I asked my friend today if she can handle it and she says “I can out vegan you anyday” lol. That’s especially funny coming from her Texas self. Isn’t Texas land of the cattle? haha I say to her.. well it’s RAW VEGAN- let’s see how you do! 
I think we were equally impressed- her because she liked most of it and me because of the intricate detail of the ingredients and tastes.


From the Pure Food and Wine website

The philosophy behind a raw food diet is based on the premise that not cooking your food preserves enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Cooking and processing foods scientifically decrease the digestibility, vitamin and mineral density of the food, as well as its alkaline-boosting, health promoting qualities. Eating raw foods rich in enzymes thereby results in higher levels of energy and more vibrant health. Raw foods nourish, strengthen, energize and vitalize the body and mind. This cuisine, based entirely on fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, flavored with herbs and spices, in its modern movement, is the largely unexplored, unprecedented “frontier” of modern food and health.”

This month I am living an all raw vegan lifestyle so the only restaurants I can really feel 100% free in are those that are all raw like this one. I can order anything here on the menu which is refreshing! At this point though I want to order everything lol. We tried a variety of dishes and of course- desserts!


We started with a small mushroom and salad plate and a ravioli appetizer. The Italian in me will not let me pass up a ravioli dish no matter what it’s made of. I would say that the ravioli won this course selection here. The flavors were coming from all directions- the ravioli itself made from marinated vegetable, the nut cheese filling and the light sauce. The mushroom dish was interesting and actually quite hearty and filling. We continued on to the entrees where we had the noodle dish and the lasagna. The noodles were quite good and the lasagna- OUTSTANDING! I will make my own raw vegan lasagna very soon!


I have definitely become a dessert junkie! I usually wouldn’t order a cannoli but for some reason decided to see how it would compare to a non-vegan cannoli.. pretty well I might add. Actually, I don’t think most people would even know the difference. On to the cheesecake.. my all-time favorite choice when it comes to desserts. This dish was beautifully presented with various flavors and textures going on. Altogether it was a nice combination for the palate. 


Pure Food and Wine is truly raw food at it’s best. I can’t wait to go back for more lasagna and to try other creations on the menu!

Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only. You should not use this to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider.
[Tuesday July 10th 2012 blog]

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