"Reinventing Indulgence" One meal at a time!

WHY DO I MAKE VERBAL COMMITMENTS! Once I make them, I feel I have to keep to them.. especially when it’s official.. like on Facebook.. haha jk
For real though, I said I would dedicate JULY to eating raw vegan. I figured by now I would research what foods are raw vegan and keep that list with me. Of course my to-do list like most is double columned and two pages long so obviously… I didn’t do it yet. I figured at worst (or best)… this could be a fruit and vegetable cleanse for me. 
The next obstacle though was that it’s FOURTH OF JULY WEEK– a holiday weekend with BBQ as it’s middle name. Hey.. vegans like to barbecue too ya know. I was practically visualizing my vegan burgers on whole grain sprouted bread with vegenaise mayo and hot sauce- yum!

As I was driving up to the Catskills today, some greater force came upon me to try to do it anyway despite all the temptation. There is no better time then the PRESENT MOMENT to fulfill a commitment. I stopped in Woodstock to walk around and visited PRESS + BLEND. I blogged it once before. I think I got the final encouragement here to go for it! If I was dying for prepared food.. lol.. I could at least come back here for something!

After Woodstock, I stopped at my favorite farm stand ever.. on route 28! I bought so many fruits and vegetables that I was really ready- I would not be deprived! lol Who thinks like that only an addict hello! Compulsions, indulgences and addictions are rampid! I guess it’s a matter of control and organization of them at some point! In any case, I had the food- still a little unsure if I could do it.. but none-the-less.. READY! 
Many people can fast.. and hey.. congratulations! I’m just not one of them. I’m pretty sure I have never gone without food for more than 24 hours.

It’s is one of those foods that really makes everyone happy!

I think it was the thought of this guacamole too that made me say YES! I can do this!

Guacamole can be a binge food— that’s probably why I am getting excited! One thing I learned a long time ago from A Course In Miracles is that a miracle is simply A CHANGE IN PERCEPTION! Guacamole and avocados for me.. now are a raw vegan delight. If I am cutting out all cooked and processed foods then this is A-OK! 
Ohhh… you want the recipe here? lol I make really good guacamole… every time lol!

Sea Salt
Black pepper
Chili flakes

Portions? I don’t know exactly. I used about 4 avocados, 1/2- 3/4 large onion, one regular size tomato, 1 small sweet pepper.. (a jalapeño would be nice too), a bunch of cilantro, almost 2 limes, salt and pepper to taste– and chili flakes or (hot sauce works too.)

I found these super thin, fresh, organic and local asparagus at the farm stand. I can eat mostly all my vegetables raw. I learned in my class that you can marinate vegetables too- they soften up a bit if that’s how you like it plus it gives more flavor. A few condiments to use would include olive oil, umeboshi plum vinegar, lemon juice, nama shoyu, tamari, brown rice vinegar and maple syrup if needed. HOWEVER, I used tahini. Tahini can be processed or it can be found raw. 
I drizzled a tiny bit of olive oil into a mixing bowl and added 2 large tablespoons of tahini. I washed and cut the asparagus slightly and marinated this for about an hour. Day one raw vegan.. rocking!

soaked cashews

NEXT up::::::
Raw vegan has a lot to do with preparation– soaking for starters. I soaked some cashews… 
and some macadamia nuts/ pine nuts! Catch the blog later to see what I’m making!

soaked macademia and pine nuts
Yes I am skipping day 171- 182 for now! I will catch up later. The experiences are moving quicker than the writing and I don’t want to fall massively behind! It’s all documented and I will write these later when my classes are over. For now I am jumping into JULY!

Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only. You should not use this to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider.
[Sunday July 1st 2012 blog]

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