"Reinventing Indulgence" One meal at a time!

So you want to try vegan food? This is a good launch spot: The V-Spot Cafe in Brooklyn. I have eaten here more than several times now and my only continued gripe about this place is that they are not open every day.. or close to it! They are open for cafe business Thursday through Sunday. I am slowly learning to believe this is due to their huge success in catering to the large health food stores as a supplier. 

It’s always fun to bring newbies here! This time I was over in Prospect Park for a daytime event with friends and one said they would like to try vegan food… or maybe it was “I wouldn’t mind trying it” lol… another went with the flow and the last one.. came reluctantly lol! 
Some meat-eaters act like they are trying “space food” or something.. as if their whole lifestyle of eating – every single meal- revolved around the concept of having at least one animal product. This is honestly the case for many! Many people eat multiple animal products in one meal and truly… truly can’t skip a meal without it. Some say they only have red meat once in a while but all animals with a central nervous system count… as does anything derived from dairy- eggs, cheese, milk etc. 

Think about it… do you realize how much you rely on animal products? Sometimes I see people promoting Meatless Mondays… for some people though.. the question is… can you even skip one meal of animal products? 
Let’s be honest for a minute-  if you can’t skip one meal a day of animal products and you eat three times a day “everyday”- then that’s a pretty scary thought! There are a zillion studies today showing that one can improve their health with a plant based diet! At the very least, add vegetables to mostly all of your meals throughout the day!

So here we are… as my friends try to order their space food- I jump in and assist! For my Latina friends, of course I had to order the Bandeja Paisa and get another perspective on it! The rest was a matter of appetizers, hummus sandwich and tacos- can’t go wrong there!

The appetizers were of course a hit– the empanadas were amazing although I didn’t eat them because I avoid fried foods when possible. The summer rolls and kale tostadas were delicious as always. The hummus sandwich was great, and the portabella tacos were really incredible! 

My friend who tried the Bandeja Paisa said it was surprisingly good.. “but don’t compare it to real Bandeja Paisa” lol so.. GOOD but different! Ok fine.. baby steps! That’s a start! I still think it’s a great option for the vegan who used to love special Latin dishes like this one and no longer choose to eat animal products. My high maintenance friend was happy with her empanadas, she didn’t like her smoothie (which was really good) and she didn’t help me eat the amazing tacos because she doesn’t like beans.. or was it mushrooms? It certainly helps being vegan if you like those things! Beans are super healthy as a whole food providing energy, nutrients and fiber which slows down the absorption rate of the sugar and speeds up the elimination rate for proper detoxification. There was certainly a time for me when I didn’t care for any of these healthier type foods either- as the saying goes: “You have to close one door to open another”! I have to say thanks to my friends who probably wouldn’t have ever tried a vegan spot.. we saved an animal today!   

Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only. You should not use this to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider.
[Saturday June 9th 2012 blog]

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