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It looks like a granola bar.. it tastes like a granola bar but it doesn’t feel like a granola bar! I really thought I nailed this recipe too! It was easy.. I was about to say.. if I knew it was this easy.. I would be thousands of dollars richer and healthier as well knowing that I can chose the ingredients I want. But.. that’s not how it turned out. I can’t grab this granola bar and throw it in my bag. It would get mushy in 2.5 seconds! I don’t know what I did wrong but if anyone knows the secret.. please do tell!

Banana-Oat Granola Bars
from the book, Raw Energy, 124 Raw Food Recipes for Energy Bars, Smoothies, and Other Snacks to Supercharge Your Body (Tourles 2009)

1 ripe banana
2 cups of raw oat flakes
1 cup of almond butter
1/4 cup honey which I substituted with agave (when my agave runs out– that’s it; i will move over to grade B organic maple syrup, fresh pitted dates or sucanat)
2T bee pollen- skipped that too; not vegan
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

I put everything in a food processor until it was cohesive. I coated a pan with coconut oil and put the mixture in it and then into the freezer to harden. it never really hardened enough to form it’s own bar type texture. But it looks and tastes good! I would also say- just coat the pan with a tiny about of coconut oil so it doesn’t over power the flavor. 

Next time I will try these substitutes for honey!

Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only. You should not use this to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider.

[Sunday May 20th 2012 blog]

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