"Reinventing Indulgence" One meal at a time!

Today marks four nights in a row of dining out.. you know what that means right? I need to focus on juicing and salads to recover! Actually, this is all stemming from my unknown desire to eat at Bhataki Cafe on 1st avenue. A friend raved to me about this place over very late night drinks– well, she was drinking… I was doing shots of coconut water! This place serves vegetarian food and even has vegetarian classes. However, it’s strike three for them. Monday they were closed for a class– Tuesday is there normal close day and Wednesday the gates were down for no reason. hmmm… someone needs to revoke their East Village status — I mean really.. what place in the East Village closes early or even closes at all! It’s so packed over there! I’m going to open up my place on VEGAN ROW and stay open way past midnight- how about that! lol

Back to my HAPPY COW APP on my phone and there are vegetarian options EVERYWHERE! 
We start walking up First Avenue and ran right into PUKK! Nothing for nothing– but when you are in the East VIllage… one really doesn’t know what to expect. I am more of a West Village kind of girl! 

PUKK is Vegetarian Thai- their slogan.. “Eat More Greens”. 
I have to say.. I was very impressed! This place reminds me of PEEP- a Thai place on Prince Street in SOHO, right down to the decor, vibe and almost see through bathrooms. As I am looking at both of these sites- I am wondering if they have the same owners.

The food at PUKK was amazingly delicious – sure partly because I didn’t expect it but mostly because of the originality and flavor of the dishes we choose.  
We ordered the “STEAK TOFU” – pan seared tofu with peanut sauce. The tofu was thicker on the outside and really soft inside- and the sauce was delicious- too delicious… don’t eat it all! 
I can’t find the “SOY CHICKEN BOWL” that I ordered on the online menu- great… now I must go back and order it again– if not just to get the name! lol My dish was super delicious– it also had cabbage and broccoli in it!

Can’t wait to go back… with my non-vegan friends especially so they can see just how good and easy it can be to save animals and the earth!  

Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only. You should not use this to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider.

[Wednesday May 16th 2012 blog]

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